Focusing on the future. Together.

Everywhere I go around the world, people talk about the Research Triangle Park. When I visited China as Governor, I heard the Chinese talk about the “Golden Triangle.” They meant RTP.

The Park has been golden for North Carolina. Its impact on our state’s growth and development has been enormous. Building the Research Triangle Park ranks up there with establishing our top-tier universities as one of the greatest things we’ve done in North Carolina.

I was honored and humbled recently to receive the Archie Davis award from Chairman Bob Ingram at the RTP Foundation Board Meeting. Getting that award made me think of the awesome debt we owe to Archie Davis, Governor Luther Hodges, and all the visionaries who saw what this Park could be and what it could do for our entire state.

So I’m glad that Bob Geolas, his staff, and the Research Triangle Foundation board are working on a renewal of the Park. I’m glad they’re going to be travelling around North Carolina listening and learning. Because if the Park works together with all of North Carolina, all of North Carolina will benefit.

Our state has always been focused on building for the future.

That’s why the Research Triangle Park was started.

That’s what we need today.

Nothing is more important for our future than education – our public schools, our community colleges, and universities. We have to make wise decisions that will keep them strong, so they can educate and train our people.

In the year ahead, North Carolina will be making important decisions about how to stay economically competitive. We should look at how we can reduce some targeted taxes to make our state more attractive to business investment. But we can’t afford to make deep, deep spending cuts that cripple education. It will be vitally important to strike the right balance.

RTP’s bus tour recognizes the value of education. Bob Geolas and his team are visiting community college and university campuses. They’ll see first-hand the great things that are going on. At the same time, they’ll hear from people across the state about the challenges they face and the opportunities they see. That will equip RTP to “reimagine” how it can help boost all parts of North Carolina.

This is something we all have to do together.

Some people are betting against this country, this state and this Park. They say that we have reached the limits of what we are capable of achieving. I say that they don’t know much about this country, North Carolina, this place or the people who lead and work in the Park. We can achieve great things. It really is possible, but we have to believe in it and we have to put our shoulders behind it. If we do, we can make great things happen.


Governor Jim Hunt


About Governor Hunt:
Jim Hunt served four terms as North Carolina’s 69th and 71st governor — making him the longest serving governor in our state’s history. He has long championed education, particularly teaching standards and early childhood education. Since retiring from political office in 2001, Governor Hunt has continued to push for high-quality education in North Carolina, and founded two institutes aimed at promoting responsible public policy: the Institute for Emerging Issues at N.C. State University, and the James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy at UNC-Chapel Hill.