ReDeveloping RTP through
strategic collaboration

RTP was ahead of its time and established NC as a Global HQ for Innovation and R&D… Over 50 years later, RTP continues to be recognized as one of the top R&D areas in the world.

Collaboration is critical to the future of North Carolina.

The partnership between higher education and private industry allows the most creative and innovative ideas to be developed, tested, and ultimately commercialized, bringing about an opportunity to increase jobs, investment, and/or deliver world changing products and services to the marketplace.

RTP’s impact goes further than the Triangle

RTP’s impact on the Triangle is most visible because of its physical location (as an employment center and part of the local community). But its impact on the remainder of NC can be just as important by opening doorways to collaboration with higher education institutions throughout the State.

By continuing with efforts to create partnerships and collaboration among the private sector and academia, RTP has the opportunity to create a huge impact over the next 50 years.

RTP’s biggest challenges going forward are:

  • Adapting to changes in demands of the new workforce by creating live-work-play opportunities
  • Strengthening partnerships with surrounding municipalities & academic institutions throughout the Triangle
  • Helping to contribute to the overall brand of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Triangle

To meet these challenges and continue driving North Carolina’s growth, RTP should:

Create a new master plan for RTP to include amenities for the workforce of the future (live-work-play).

Also, work with the private sector, university system, and economic development partners to create new means of high-tech manufacturing and facilities that focus on supporting the primary industry clusters within the Triangle and throughout NC.
Derrick Minor


About Derrick
Derrick Minor works as a connector, catalyst, and community builder for North Carolina. His mission is “to elevate Raleigh and the Triangle as THE world-class destination to live, work, learn, and play by helping companies and entrepreneurs to Start, Stay, and Prosper in our local ecosystem.” Derrick currently works as the City of Raleigh’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager.