Thank You, North Carolina


Thank you for joining us on the RTP Pathways to Opportunity Tour.

We traveled over 2,000 miles and visited more than 20 communities across North Carolina.

We heard about big ideas, inspiring stories and groundbreaking innovations from hundreds of people who are excited about the future. The events were unscripted, and we weren’t sure what we would hear, but we discovered that people are working together to build a brighter future, just as people came together to build RTP over fifty years ago.

We are working on a report to document what we saw and heard.

We want to include your ideas, your stories, and your questions. Please send them to us here at

We will release the report, with your input, in January. In the months ahead, we will continue our conversation about the future.

At one of our last stops, a member of the audience asked if RTP intended to lead the effort to reimagine North Carolina’s future and develop the big ideas that will launch us forward. My response was and is that RTP wants to be part of the process, but ultimately all of us have a responsibility to lead. North Carolinians have always taken charge of our own future. After traveling the state, I know that is still true today. So please join us in a conversation about moving our state forward.

Happy Holidays! I look forward to hearing from you, and we will be back in touch soon.

Bob Geolas
President & CEO
Research Triangle Foundation of NC


Thank You to Our Sponsors
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