Sam Circosta is a proud North Carolinian.

At 4 years old, he can’t be considered an old timer, but he loves this state with every fiber of his being. His parents do too, though, unlike Sam, they aren’t natives.

In 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Circosta lived in Southern California. They loved the climate and the culture, but they felt like the West coast’s excitement had already happened — and they hadn’t part of it. They were looking for something else, something with a promising history that was still on the rise. They wanted friendliness. They wanted excitement. They wanted to live somewhere that was moving forward.

So they pulled out a map and started looking for the next great thing. Much to their surprise, they landed in the Research Triangle Region.

And Sam was born in the Triangle, a native North Carolinian.

Neither of his parents work in the tech industry, and neither actually works in the Park. But, like the thousands of others looking for what’s next, looking for a place to call home, looking for a region of opportunity…

they came here because of RTP.

Sam was born on leap day. His parents like to joke that he is “wiser than his birthdays would suggest.” The same could be said of RTP and the region that surrounds it.

Even with the state’s long and proud history, the Research Triangle Region is just beginning to come into its own as a Mecca for the new economy.

The people who helped build RTP were wise enough to think well past their next birthday — and that’s what makes this place so wonderful.

Damon Circosta


About Damon:
Damon Circosta is the Executive Director of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving North Carolina by helping people and organizations recognize and solve social and community problems.